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As the first QSR (quick service restaurant) to commit to a RAP, we want to ensure we constantly lead the industry in championing First Nations engagement as part of the fabric of our culture. To do this we are committed to:

  • Creating awareness of and connection to First Nations cultures across our employee and customer base

  • Creating employment opportunities for local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

  • Creating partnerships wherever possible with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander producers and suppliers

We will continue to work with Yarnnup to progress and stretch our RAP commitments. We will review our commitment and update our community each year as part of our ongoing ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) process.

Our vision for reconciliation is a future where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are embedded as an intrinsic part of the Craveable Brands organisational strategy. It also involves applying the same focus towards First Nations engagement for both employees and stakeholders that we currently have as part of our broader diversity and inclusion strategy. We expect that this Reflect RAP will have ripple effects across our organisation, from our head office through to our franchises and more broadly into the communities in which we operate.

We are striving to ensure our offices and stores truly represent the customers and communities, who are so loyal to our brands, through local employment and supplier engagement. This means RAP objectives, such as partnerships and participation targets, become a core part of our ongoing review and governance process from a leadership standpoint. It speaks to having reconciliation at the forefront of our thinking and strategy with consideration when making decisions that affect our business direction and priorities. We believe we are uniquely positioned as a food franchise to bring people together. Nothing signifies harmony and unity like a gathering with food as the centrepiece. Our brand founders understood the importance and impact of food, family and community. These are aspects which are also very highly valued and essential elements in First Nations communities. Therefore, we believe we are uniquely positioned to capitalise on these synergies to set the standard as a major fast food franchisor in Australia, leading the way to set the benchmark for our industry and encourage others along the journey.